Part of the approximately six mile planned Towpath Trail Extension connecting the now northern terminus of the trail at old Harvard Avenue with the proposed Canal Basin Park now winds its way through Cleveland’s Steelyard Commons. Engineered and constructed in accordance with the Cuyahoga County Engineers standards, the portion of the Towpath Trail through Cleveland’s Steelyard Commons has been designed and constructed as part of the shopping center development cost. No public monies were used in building the over 1.75 miles of towpath trail at Cleveland’s Steelyard Commons. The towpath trail takes two paths through the shopping center, a continuous route providing views to the industrial valley along the eastern property line including a pedestrian tunnel under Steelyard Drive, as well as a route through the center of the shopping center along the east side of Steelyard Drive. The route along Steelyard Drive passes by restaurants with outdoor seating and connect via sidewalks to shops on both sides of the street, with convenient bike racks and wayfinding signage located throughout. As part of the master plan for the Towpath Trail, themed interpretive exhibits highlighting the role of the lower Cuyahoga River Valley in steel making as well as railroad transportation, settlement patterns for neighborhoods and the national environmental movement, may occur.

When completed the Towpath Trail will provide access for the more than 2 million users of the trail to connect with downtown Cleveland and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Steelyard Commons supports plans to extend the 51-mile Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, louis vuitton outlet one of the longest and most scenic excursion railways in the country, to downtown Cleveland via the Otis Leed rail line. A planned railroad stop at Steelyard Commons will include a 400-500 foot rail platform. As part of a rail excursion to Cleveland, a special shopping/dining stop at Steelyard Commons and connection to the Towpath Trail and Steel Heritage Exhibit is proposed. Currently, more than 100,000 Clevelanders ride the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad annually, with that number expecting to double when rail service is completed to downtown Cleveland.

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